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Love Island Trailer: Curtis Joins Molly-Mae In The Hot Tub

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The trailer for tonight's episode of Love Island has been released. After Molly Mae's date with Tommy, Curtis joins her in the hot tub sending Amy in a spin.

Meanwhile, the Islanders take part in another challenge and the first recoupling of the series will see one boy dumped from the villa.

Molly-Mae Goes Dating

It was revealed last night that the public had chosen Tommy to go on a date in the Hideaway with new arrival Molly-Mae.

As Tommy arrives in the Hideaway the pair introduce themselves and Tommy joins Molly-Mae in the hot tub.

Sparks fly immediately between the pair. Molly-Mae says “Your eyes are amazing.”

Tommy replies “Likewise. You are…amazing! Looking at you now, you’re 100% my type.”

Tommy and Molly-Mae seem to be establishing common ground but it’s not long before Molly-Mae receives a text.

She reads: “Molly-Mae, it’s time for your second date and this time it is up to you. Please send Tommy to get the boy of your choice. #TakeYourPick #OneOutOneIn”

Tommy doesn’t seem to want the date to end. She giggles and says “Are you fury-ous?!” making a pun on his last name and the pair laugh.

It doesn’t take Molly-Mae long to make her decision. She sends Tommy back to the villa to inform the boy she has chosen that he should now head to the Hideaway.

Molly-Mae’s decision is sure to ruffle a few feathers. How will Amy react to the new arrival taking a fancy to Curtis? And how will Curtis get on with Molly-Mae on the date?

Sherif Tries To Win back Anna's Affections

That evening Sherif asks Anna for a chat. He says “I wanted to fill you in on a discussion that me and Anton had. That was me basically telling him how I feel about you. I do want to persevere with you and I really like you.”

Anna says “That’s funny. You told him you like me before you told me!”

The pair laugh and Sherif says “I’m telling you this now. I just thought I should tell you that I’ve told him I really like you and I want to try…not that I’m getting protective.”

Anna says “Do you get jealous?”

Sherif says “I do get jealous. I’m not going to lie. I like you.”

Anna reflects on their chat in the Beach Hut and says “I like that he likes me because maybe we can put in more effort and see if it goes anywhere. But at the same time, I don’t want him to because I’m scared that if it doesn’t go anywhere, he might be upset.”

Will Sherif put in the graft and win back Anna?

Today's Challenge: The Good, The Bad And The Sexy

As Michael and Yewande are pondering over tonight’s recoupling, Yewande receives a text: “Boys, it’s time to show the girls what you’re made of as you take on today’s challenge, The Good, the Bad and the Sexy. #SaddleUp #NotMyFirstRodeo”

In today’s challenge the boys go head to head to be declared the villa’s sexiest cowboy.

Each boy has to do one run of a cowboy themed course in the sexiest way possible. The first stage involves them entering through the saloon-style doors and then stripping in front of the girls.

The boys then need to ride the bucking bronco and stay on as long as they can while throwing as many horseshoes on to pegs in front of them.

Once the boy falls off the bucking bronco they then need to collect all the golden nuggets from the barrel and get them into the treasure chest whilst getting squirted with paint by the girls. Finally, they need to rescue the girl they’re coupled up with.

After Michael rescues Yewande from the railway tracks the couple share a kiss.

Yewande reflects in the Beach Hut and says “Me and Michael did have a snog at the end. It was weird but good.”

In the Beach Hut Michael says “It was a good kiss. I wasn’t expecting anything less to be honest.”

Could romance finally be on the cards for Yewande and Michael?

As Joe is single he is given the opportunity to choose a girl to rescue as part of his challenge. In an attempt to reaffirm his feelings for Lucie, he chooses her.

Joe successfully saves Lucie and the pair have a snog. But earlier in the game Lucie also shared a kiss with Tommy. She reflects in the Beach Hut and says “I was a very lucky girl today. I had two very good-looking boys dressed up as cowboys untying me. I can’t complain about that!”

But after all the boys have taken part in the challenge, which boy did the girls decide was the sexiest cowboy?

The First Recoupling Of The Series

Amber receives a text “Islanders. Tonight, there will be a recoupling. The girls will choose and the boy not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island. #GetPickedOrGetPacking #BoyBye

The looming recoupling has the Islanders feeling the pressure.

Lucie is still torn between Joe and Tommy and talks about the dilemma with Curtis. She says “Do you know what? I’m very torn between both of them because I see really good points in both of them. I don’t know what to do.”

But Joe isn’t the only single boy in the villa. Anton is equally as worried about his place in the villa.

Callum is also nervous about tonight’s events as he isn’t currently in a romantic couple. Has he grafted Molly-Mae enough to secure his place in the villa?

The Islanders gather around the fire pit. While there is so much uncertainty, it’s decision time for the girls and one boy will be dumped from the island…tonight.

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media Two from 9pm.

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