‘The Masked Dancer’ Has Been A...


‘The Masked Dancer’ Has Been Axed After Just Two Seasons


10:13 25 Mar 2024

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Well that was short-lived!

ITV have decided to cancel their show The Masked Dancer after just two seasons.

The Masked Dancer was the even sillier counterpart to the popular show The Masked Singer, where a group of celebrity contestants performed in disguise and viewers had to guess who they were based on the voice alone.

Previous winners of The Masked Singer UK have been Joss Stone, Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud) and Charlie Simpson (known for Busted).

Due to the success of The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer was launched in 2021. Same concept except instead of singing in disguise, contestants danced in disguise.

British gymnast Louis Smith won the first season of the show, and Glee dancer Heather Morris was crowned the winner of the most recent series.

However now it looks like that’s all there’ll be as ITV have decided to cancel the show after just two seasons.

The Masked Dancer was always something of a tricky sell,” a TV insider said.

“But ITV thought it was worth taking a punt on a concept which had clearly struck a chord with the public as The Masked Singer.”

It didn’t help that it was competing against one of the biggest shows in the UK in its time slot.

“They made the mistake of shifting it from a show that ran every night over a week, to a weekly show that aired on a Saturday night,” the TV insider continued.

“That saw it go out on the same evening as Strictly Come Dancing, which is a very challenging rival.”

We also reckon the element of guessing who’s dancing in a costume over who’s singing didn’t quite have the same appeal!

Luckily The Masked Singer is still going strong, with plans to bring it back for a 6th season soon.

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Feature image: ITV

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