Matthew Kelly Shocks 'Stars In...


Matthew Kelly Shocks 'Stars In Their Eyes’ Fans By Revealing His Real Name


12:56 30 Jan 2024

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Now this we weren’t expecting 😂

If you’re anything like us, you were obsessed with Stars In Their Eyes back in the day, and were very familiar with the show’s presenter Matthew Kelly.

Before participants took the stage to perform as their singer of choice, they said the iconic catchphrase, “Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be…”

And now we’re learning for the first time that his name isn’t even Matthew!

The TV personality joined Denise Welch on Good Morning Britain this week and shocked viewers by revealing that his name is actually David.


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"I am very proud to be the Matthew in the 'Tonight Matthew I'm going to be...' but it's not even my real name, it's not my real name. My real name is David!” he told hosts Susanne Reid and Richard Madeley.

Denise Welch who shared the sofa with him as they promoted a play they're currently staring in, was also taking in this brand new information: "Is it really? I didn't know that!"

Our whole lives have been a lie!

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