Is A Desperate Housewives Rebo...


Is A Desperate Housewives Reboot On The Horizon?

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

04:56 3 Feb 2023

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*shakes Magic 8-Ball* Outlook not so good.

Like every successful TV show and movie of the last 30 years, Desperate Housewives has had the reboot rumours following it around ever since it ended in 2012. After 8 seasons it had won multiple Emmy and Golden Globes awards and its first 5 seasons ranked in the Top 10 of most watched shows.

2004 - 20012 was truly the golden era of television wasn't it?

Questions of a reboot have been following the cast of Desperate Housewives as well. Teri Hatcher, who played the iconic Susan Mayer (that description is up for debate but we'll hold firm) was interviewed recently by E! News and was asked how she felt about the show getting a new lease of life.

"I don't think there'll be a reboot. I think it's been a long time. We had amazing fans and I know everyone on that show is really grateful for the journey."

She went on to say that while she's not desperate to return to Wisteria Lane, she is close with the actresses who played her daughters.

"I did just have dinner with Andrea Bowen who played my daughter," Hatcher told E! News "Her and my real daughter, we all had dinner about three weeks ago and she's 32 years old."

Teri Hatcher and Andrea Bowen in Desperate Housewives, 2004


So looks like a Desperate Housewives reboot isn't probably going to happen but if we're being honest, we think it's for the best! There's lots of amazing original TV series being made these days for us to enjoy! (which will probably be rebooted in 10 years time😂)

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