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Women's Six Nations could be in doubt as Ireland adds France and Italy to mandatory quarantine list


10:34 9 Apr 2021

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The Women's Six Nations game between France and Ireland next weekend could be in danger of not taking place.

On Friday night the Irish Government added both France and Italy to the mandatory quarantine list, as well as fourteen other countries.

Anyone travelling from or through these states must complete their period of quarantine, the Department of Health has said.

The measure will come into effect from 4am on Thursday 15 April.

The minimum duration a person must spend in mandatory quarantine is 10 days.

Ireland are due to host France in the Women's Six Nations next Saturday 17 April.

Currently, there are no exemptions for sport with Government guidelines stating:

The Health (Amendment) Act 2021 identifies those who are exempt from mandatory hotel quarantine. If your trip to Ireland is not in any of the categories below, then you must complete mandatory hotel quarantine at a designated facility:

  • arriving into the State in the course of duty and who hold a valid Annex 3 certificate (ensuring the availability of goods and essential services)
  • arriving in the State in the course of duty and are drivers of a heavy goods vehicle
  • airline pilots, aircrew, maritime master or maritime crew and who arrive in the State in the course of performing duties
  • travelling to the State pursuant to an arrest warrant, extradition proceedings or other mandatory legal obligation
  • a member of An Garda Síochána or Defence Forces (or their equivalents from another state) and travelling to the State in course of duty
  • travelling to the State for unavoidable, imperative and time-sensitive medical reasons and these reasons are certified by a registered medical practitioner or person with equivalent qualifications outside the State
  • having been outside of the state to provide services to or perform the functions of an office holder (under any enactment or the Constitution) or a member of either house of the Oireachtas or the European Parliament
  • diplomats and certain other categories of persons entitled to privileges and immunities in the State

Regulations will also exempt transit passengers who do not leave the port or airport before travelling out of the State and who have a 'not detected' COVID-19 PCR test result, following a test taken within 72 hours of their arrival into Ireland.

You should be aware that requests for review can be based only on a limited number of grounds and that public health will remain a paramount consideration.

Ireland are away to Wales in their opening Women's Six Nations game of this campaign at 5pm on Saturday 10 April.

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