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UEFA favour "Swiss system" to radically alter Champions League format

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The Champions League format as we know it looks set to be blown asunder. 

According to The Times, UEFA is favouring the "Swiss system" for a reformatted competition, starting as soon as 2024.

Under that system, the traditional four-team groups of first, second, third and fourth seeds would be no more.

UEFA are keen to avoid a potential breakaway European Super League, like those that have been mooted in recent months.

The Swiss model would result in a guaranteed four extra games a season, and is not a million miles removed from the pool system for this season's Heineken Champions Cup in rugby.

Under the system, 36 teams would be separated into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th seeds.

But instead of being drawn into different groups, all sides would be competing for places in the one division.

Teams would not all play each other, instead a draw would determine ten opponents for each side, with five games at home, and five away.

A top-seeded team, for instance, would play two other top seeds, three each from pots 2 and 3, and two of the fourth seeds.

Points accrued would be registered on one big league table. The top-16 would progress to the knockoutphase.

Teams placing 17th to 24th would drop into the UEFA Europa League.

UEFA is expected to present the to various European football officials before Christmas. Champions League preview | David Meyler on Liverpool’s chances

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