Russia to pay fine to avoid Wo...


Russia to pay fine to avoid World Athletics expulsion

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Russia is set to avoid expulsion from the World Athletics Federation after agreeing to pay more than six million dollars in fines before the 15th of August.

The Russian Sports Minister, Oleg Matytsin, had promised that the fine will be paid, but he didn't reveal the source of the money in a letter to World Athletics today.

Russia had missed another deadline on July the 1st, with the fine stemming from a 2015 report which uncovered widespread doping in athletics in the country.

RusAF must also commit to further anti-doping and governance reforms with the association claiming they've already put “an enormous amount of time and effort trying to help reform Russian athletics, for the benefit of all clean Russian athletes."

An expulsion would have led to Russian athletes being banned from international competition, including those who were previously cleared to compete under a neutral flag.

“I am pleased that we have made a bit of a breakthrough. It’s a start, but it’s only a start,” World Athletics president Sebastian Coe said at a press conference.

“At least we are now in a position to continue the reinstatement process having had a clear indication that the have accepted the seriousness and severity of the situation.

“The proof of the pudding will be in the reinstatement plan we have from them.”

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