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Padraig Harrington reveals COVID symptoms, hails best ever curry

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Padraig Harrington has revealed the extent of his COVID-19 symptoms, having been diagnosed ahead of this week's AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. 

The European Ryder Cup captain told Golfweek he's "doing good" despite being struck down with the virus.

Asked how it's effected him, Harrington said, "I basically would call what I have a mild flu.

"I have symptoms I know I’ve had in the past where I would have tried to go out and work and practice and get through it and then I’d get home and say, ‘I really should have stayed in bed for 24 hours and taken some medicine'.

“But if this is my outcome, I’m actually delighted and very lucky.

"If all I get from this is a couple of days of the mild flu and I don’t have any long-term effects, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll have the antibodies in my body.

"But COVID is not to be messed with. I want to make sure to do everything I can to beat this. I know I have to do all the stuff I need to do and I am doing that.”

A weekend with his feet up gives Harrington ample opportunity to assess the European competitors in the field at Pebble Beach.

Despite his coronavirus isolation, Harrington has had practice materials sent to the lodge where he's staying and he's still entered in next week's Genesis Open.

"The last time I played without practice rounds was the 2008 Open at Royal Birkdale,” Harrington said, alluding to his second Claret Jug victory.

“But I have to feel good and have to determine if I could be ready to play without hitting golf balls for 10 days. I have to feel healthy. If so, hopefully I’ll have a late tee time.

“A friend of mine had COVID and I’m in contact with him and he tells me what to expect. That is so important. He’s told me that I will feel things and wonder if it’s coming back, is it getting worse, things like that. And if I feel something, I rest.

“So getting better is the most important thing. That’s all that matters right now.”

Asked how he's combating the boredom, Harrington - it transpires - is just like the rest of us, " I did the whole two seasons of Mindhunter. Eighteen hours I got through. It’s excellent.

“I’m texting people about the Ryder Cup. You could have a competition on how many cups of tea I’m going to drink these 10 days. I’m at about 6 to 8 before 12 o’clock in the day.

"And last night I had the nicest curry I have ever had. It was just phenomenal. The coconut, the carrots, the broccoli.”

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