"Medal in the post?" - Investigation launched into Rio 2016 boxing

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An investigation has been launched looking into alleged corruption during the boxing competition at the 2016 Olympic Games. 

Irish boxer Michael Conlan was among the most aggrieved by contentious officiating in Rio de Janeiro.

The Belfast fighter lost on a split decision to Russia's Vladimir Nikitin in the quarter-finals of the bantamweight division. Nikitin would not contest his semi-final with Shakur Stevenson, settling for a bronze.

Conlan greeted news of the latest development by tweeting, "Medal in the post?".

Richard McLaren - the man who led the investigation into widespread Russian doping - has been tasked with heading this deep dive.

"Boxing has a long history of questionable activities," McLaren said, "There have been multiple past investigations into the sport that have either not been completed or acted upon.

"It is time for boxing to turn the page, but it cannot do so without a full accounting of any alleged misconduct.

"Our team will conduct an independent investigation into the questions surrounding corruption or manipulation of sporting results during the Rio Olympic Games, identify the persons responsible and recommend the appropriate course of action."

Since Rio, Taiwan's C K Wu and Uzbekistan's Gafur Rakhimov have both been removed from the role of president of amateur boxing's ruling body, AIBA.

Rumours of alleged corruption engulfed the boxing tournament even before a punch was thrown in the Riocentro pavilion 6.

The Guardian's Owen Gibson was told by one source there was "no doubt" certain bouts in Rio would be fixed.

AIBA also reassigned one of its top officials during the course of the competition.

Current AIBA president Umar Kremlev said of the new investigation, "Boxing was created when rules were introduced to ensure fair fights.

"Any undermining of those rules is unacceptable.

"For some time, it has been clear that AIBA could do more in following up on allegations of unfairness.

"Unfortunately, in order to move to a brighter future, we must now also shine a light on AIBA’s past.

"The best way to do this is to bring in independent experts to uncover any wrongdoing so that we can learn any lessons that need to be learned and restore confidence.

"Professor McLaren has an unparalleled track record when it comes to sporting investigations and I encourage everyone in the world of boxing who may have evidence of interest to step forward and share it with McLaren and his team."

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