McGill satisfied inter-county...


McGill satisfied inter-county competitions can fit in proposed split season

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The GAA's Director of Player, Club, and Games Administration, Feargal McGill says he's satisfied with the harmony afforded by a split season. 

The Club Players Association and the Gaelic Players Association support a proposal which would see the GAA season split between club and inter-county action.

The GPA have proposed the radical step of slashing sixteen weeks from the inter-county season, with a revised inter-county season to start in February and end in July.

"First and foremost, over the course last six weeks the Calendar Review Task Force has gotten back together at the request of the Uachtaráin [John Horan]," McGill said on Friday, when asked about the growing momentum behind the split season idea.

"The Uachtaráin asked us to specifically look at the practicalities of a split season again, to revisit it.

"What I can say about it is, we're satisfied that all of our inter-county competitions can be played successfully in that kind of a model and that sufficient club weekends can be generated.

"[There are] probably some tweaks required to maybe what people thing a split season might look like, but that will come out in due course.

"We're currently finalising an updated report. That will give an update on the status of all the recommendations that the Calendar Review Taskforce made initially.

"And it will form the basis for a consultation process with counties over the coming months - so between now and the start of December, essentially.

We're satisfied that all of our inter-county competitions can be played successfully in that kind of a model

"And the split season will be part of that, as well as all of the other outstanding recommendations from the report.

"Once that consultation process is completed, we'll go to Central Council in December and finalise our recommendations, and they'll decide which of those recommendations should go to Congress in February as motions.

"And obviously that will include whether a split season should go on the Congress agenda in February or not."

McGill says those recommendations will also include whether or not to  proceed with the two new football championship proposals".

He added, "But I suppose I'd stress that the Board is a lot more than just a new football championship or the split season - there are 22 other recommendations that are still hanging out there that need to be dealt with.

"And that's everything from the optimum number of teams that should be in a club championship, to when second or third level competitions should be played, or how best to accommodate a close season at inter-county and so on.

"So there's lots in that, and in a couple of weeks we'll no doubt talk to you all again about the status of all of the original proposals and any changes we've been suggesting."

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