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Klopp on Liverpool players | "You have to build confidence"

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has insisted his team can again "build confidence" ahead of the weekend FA Cup clash with Manchester United.

The German manager wants his side to bounce back from the defeat to Burnley, their first at Anfield in three and a half years.

"Of course we go again, there is no doubt about that. When things don't work out on the pitch as we want them to work out, then there is an issue," Klopp said.

"The issue is the things I tell the boys, I didn't say it clear enough. I have to change the way I tell the boys.

"Confidence is something not naturally given. You have to build confidence. That's why we have to mention the word but it is not disappeared. We have to work. That is what you do."

 Jurgen Klopp says his team selection on Sunday against Manchester United will reflect a desire to win the game and progress in the FA Cup.

"It's a cup game so the game will be decided that night. We want to win the game so that is how we will choose the line-up," he says.

"We have to play football. We have to create, we have to defend, we have to score - 100 percent we know that. That is what we will try and do on Sunday."

There have been suggestions that Liverpool need to make some additions to the squad, particularly given their injury crisis.

However, Klopp says decisions on spending are not in his control as has always been the case.

"Of course somebody else is making the decisions. It is always like this. I cannot change that," the Liverpool manager said.

"The situation we have, we discuss pretty much on a daily basis. That is our job actually.

"We think 'can we improve?' Then we make recommendations. But I cannot spend the money. That is how it is."

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