Jordan Henderson organising NH...


Jordan Henderson organising NHS fund during coronavirus crisis

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Jordan Henderson is believed to be organising a coronavirus fund to help the NHS in the UK. 

The Times say the Liverpool captain has contacted skippers of other Premier League clubs to pitch the idea. 

Henderson’s plan pre-dates comments by British Health Secretary Matt Hancock who said Premier League stars should “play their part”.

It's believed Henderson's plans have been warmly welcomed by his contemporaries.

Premier League players have drawn criticism from the British ruling class as they are yet to take pay cuts, while non-playing staff at the likes of Tottenham, Newcastle, Norwich and Bournemouth have been placed on the UK government's Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Talks between the players' union (the PFA), the Premier League, EFL and the League Managers Association (LMA) are ongoing regarding potential cuts or wage deferrals.

Crystal Palace winger Andros Townsend told Talksport that footballers are "an easy target", but says footballers are "more than doing their part".

Matt Lawton writes that contact has already been made with a bank regarding Henderson's captains' fund and that contributions would be discretionary because of differing salaries across the Premier League.

Such a fund from a group whose average salary is £3million a year has the potential to provide much-needed cash - and quickly - for a stretched NHS system.

Henderson is not believed to be keen on taking credit for the fund, with Lawton saying the Liverpool captain, "was said to be frustrated that news of the plans had emerged prior to the fund being created.

"Sources close to the player insist he simply wants to use what influence he has to support NHS workers and the wider community."

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