IOC will meet Peng Shuai in Ja...


IOC will meet Peng Shuai in January as they conduct 'quiet diplomacy'

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The International Olympic committee says it will meet Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai in January amid concerns for her welfare. 

The former Wimbledon doubles champion has not been seen in public since making an allegation of sexual misconduct against former Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli at the beginning of November.

The IOC, which will stage the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February, has held another video call with Shuai.

They say they are using 'different ways to achieve her well-being and safety' and on a second call yesterday, they say she 'appeared' to be safe and well.

The Women's Tennis Association has suspended all tournaments in China until it gains comfort over the safety and freedom of Shuai.

The IOC statement reads:

"We share the same concern as many other people and organisations about the well-being and safety of Peng Shuai. This is why, just yesterday, an IOC team held another video call with her. We have offered her wide-ranging support, will stay in regular touch with her, and have already agreed on a personal meeting in January.

"There are different ways to achieve her well-being and safety. We have taken a very human and person-centred approach to her situation. Since she is a three-time Olympian, the IOC is addressing these concerns directly with Chinese sports organisations. We are using “quiet diplomacy” which, given the circumstances and based on the experience of governments and other organisations, is indicated to be the most promising way to proceed effectively in such humanitarian matters.

"The IOC’s efforts led to a half-hour videoconference with Peng Shuai on 21 November, during which she explained her situation and appeared to be safe and well, given the difficult situation she is in. This was reconfirmed in yesterday’s call. Our human and person-centred approach means that we continue to be concerned about her personal situation and will continue to support her."

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