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Ian Wright: "Shameful" Super League putting players in jeopardy

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright says he's ashamed of the club's involvement in the breakaway Super League. 

The North London club are one of six Premier League teams contained within the rebel dozen who announced plans for a new competition on Sunday night.

Many have mocked Arsenal's placing among the so-called elite, given their ninth place position in the Premier League table and the high probability they'll miss out on European football this season.

Wright echoed the incredulity, invoking the memory of former teammate David Rocastle along the way.

"I literally couldn't believe it when I saw Arsenal's name come up on the screen as one of the teams," the former striker said.

"This, the same Arsenal I was only just - what, a couple of weeks ago - commending on the tribute to David Rocastle.

"God, my god, man [would] be turning in his grave knowing what's going on now.

"Is this how far we have fallen, where we now are getting into competitions because we're not good enough to get into them?

"So... to the detriment of the English game, we're getting a seat at a table we have no right to be at. It's shameful.

"I've heard that word used, and it is shameful."

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has threatened bans for clubs and players who partake in the Super League project.

Executive Committee member Jesper Moller told reporters on Monday that Champions League semi-finalists Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid could be expelled from the competition as early as Friday. The same fate awaits Manchester United in the Europa League.

"If I'm a player now, I'm worried like... 'So, if I play in this competition I can't play in the Euros, I can't play in the FIFA World Cup.

"I'm actually hearing that they're saying the teams in the semi-finals now... they may disqualify them out of the competition - Champions League - with what's going on."

Wright feels the repetitive nature of the same teams playing one another, year-in year-out, will bore everyone, and deny players special nights he experienced as a player.

I'd be absolutely sh***ing myself now, if I'm a player

"I played against AC Milan twice in my career, and it's something I will never forget," he said.

"Are we supposed to be playing these teams so frequently? It's not meant to be like that. You dream of playing in the Champions League and the World Cup.

"You dream of playing in the Euros for your country. Now they're saying... 'you're not allowed to play in those competitions'.

"How do you feel, as a player right now? I'd be absolutely shitting myself now, if I'm a player."

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