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Hawk-Eye apologises for Sheffield United goal missed at Villa Park

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Hawk-Eye has been forced to apologise for a Sheffield United goal being missed in their game at Villa Park. 

Chris Wilder's side drew 0-0 with Aston Villa in the first Premier League game to be played in 100 days.

However, three minutes before the break, a Sheffield United free-kick was gathered by Villa keeper Orjan Nyland at his far post but clearly carried over the line.

However, the goal-line technology in place failed to trigger the watch worn by referee Michael Oliver.

A challenge from the VAR wasn't forthcoming either.

Oliver could clearly be seen indicating to the players that his wrist piece didn't vibrate, and after the game was seen apologising to Sheffield United players.

Immediately after the game, Hawk-Eye issued an apology for the incident.

They say the seven cameras in place around the goal were significantly obstructed by a combination of Nyland, a defender and the goalpost.

Hawk-Eye apology:

During the first half of Aston Villa v Sheffield United match at Villa Park, there was a goal line incident where the ball was carried over the line by Aston Villa goalkeeper, No. 25 Nyland. 

The match officials did not receive a signal to the watch nor earpiece as per the Goal Decision System (GDS) protocol. 

The seven cameras located in the stands around the goal area were significantly occluded by the goalkeeper, defender, and goalpost. 

This level of occlusion has never been seen before in over 9,000 matches that the Hawk-Eye Goal Line Technology system has been in operation. 

The system was tested and proved functional prior to the start of the match in accordance with the IFAB Laws of The Game and confirmed as working by the match officials.

The system has remained functional throughout. 

Hawk-Eye unreservedly apologises to the Premier League, Sheffield United, and everyone affected by this incident.

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