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GPA chief Parsons: Leinster secretary's Proposal B views unacceptable

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Gaelic Players' Association chief executive Tom Parsons has described comments made by the Leinster GAA secretary as "unacceptable". 

Parsons was responding to an appearance on Monday's OTB AM by Michael Reynolds.

The GPA is backing Proposal B at Saturday's Special Congress, which would see the All Ireland Football Championship played in a league format.

That proposal would have the provincial championships played before the championship. Proposal A seeks to keep the provincials tethered to the All Ireland series, albeit in slightly altered compositions.

Speaking earlier this month, Parsons said Proposal B would help player and county development.

"This guarantees seven competitive championship games in the Spring or Summer for all teams," the GPA chief said, "Games develop teams. Games develop players. So development is really important.

"Competitive balance with that as well. If you're playing games, you need to be playing against teams at your own levels.

"It's fair. Fairness is really important because we want to end these brutal mismatches we're getting at the height of the summer."

On Monday's OTB AM, Reynolds dismissed player concerns. When it was put to him that Longford players backed Proposal B, he replied, "All of them?"

"And in two years time, them players won't be there."

When it was put to Reynolds that some players would refuse to play for so-called 'weaker' counties if the status quo remained after Saturday, he replied, "Hold on a minute - show me the contracts. Anybody can do what they want."

He said he'd want players to continue, but added, "I would not criticise any player who says 'I'm not doing it,  I'm staying with club'. If I was sitting on the bench for six months, and all I was doing was canon fodder for a training session, I'd have the same attitude."

You can watch the full debate below:

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