Irish golfers hoping to raise...


Irish golfers hoping to raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease

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A nine-man Irish team will be taking part in the inaugural Four Nations tournament for golfers suffering with Parkinson's Disease. 

The three-day charity event which will be taking place across October 11th-13th is serving a clear purpose for those suffering at different stages with Parkinson's Disease.

"We're aiming to assist in fundraising for research in PD and for the Parkinson's Associations in Ireland and the UK," Kevin Fitzsimons, a member of the Irish team living in Sligo explained to OTB Sports. 

"We also want to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease, particularly amongst the golfing community as golf has been found to be a beneficial exercise for people living with Parkinson’s."

You can show your support for the Irish team as they attempt to raise funds for the Parkinson's Association of Ireland here.

The Four Nations tournament will take place at the Belfry Hotel & Resort next month and shall see Ireland's nine-man team go up against teams from England, Scotland and Wales.

"This team has essentially been put together by word of mouth amongst golfers in Ireland over the past seven months," Kevin explains, "as there has never been a formal organisation of PD golfers established."

Although Parkinson's Disease has ultimately brought them together into this team, Kevin outlines the many benefits event such as this have for those suffering with the condition.

"Parkinson’s produces a wide range symptoms," he notes, "and these symptoms can be divided into motor and non-motor categories. The motor symptoms include stiffness, slowness of movement and the tremor which many people associate with Parkinson’s.

"As you can imagine none of these are exactly conducive to playing golf, but once diagnosed medication can alleviate some of these and make golf a very playable sport, particularly with it’s handicap system allowing players of all abilities to be competitive.

"People are generally less aware of the many non-motor symptoms which include everything from fatigue and disrupted sleep patterns, to low blood pressure and anxiety and depression.

"In that sense the social aspect of golf can offers additional benefits."

With many golfing enthusiasts of the belief that the game is no longer for them if they are diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, this Irish team want to show that it need not necessarily be the case.

Show your support for the Irish team as they raise funds for the Parkinson's Association of Ireland here

Find out more about the Irish team, who they will be coming up against and how you can support this brilliant cause on the Sport Parkinson's webpage here

For more information on Parkinson's Disease visit

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