Conte and Klopp call for one-l...


Conte and Klopp call for one-legged Carabao Cup semi-finals

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Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp both want the Carabao Cup semi-finals played over a single leg. 

Tottenham and Liverpool both qualified for the last four last night.

Spurs will play Chelsea after a win over West Ham, while Liverpool are poised to take on Arsenal after a dramatic win over Leicester.

The first legs of the last four ties are scheduled to take place on the 4th of January, with the second legs the following week.

However, Premier League managers and clubs are set to meet today amid concern at the possible impact of the busy festive schedule combined with Covid issues.

Tottenham boss Conte believes a one-legged affair in the semi-finals would be a logical step.

“Honestly, if I had to decide, maybe it would be to play one game and not two games – especially, I repeat, for the situation we are living – but we have to respect the rules.”

His Liverpool counterpart says it would be helpful if there was only one match.

“I think it would be better with one game absolutely, but obviously what I say is not too important,”

“If there are two games, then we will play two games. But it would be helpful if there was only one. The draw has us at Arsenal.

"I’m fine with that, we play there and see who is better and go for it.”

But Klopp added that he has been a long-time advocate for an improvement in the fixture schedule to help players.

“I don’t just speak about player welfare this year, I have been speaking about it for six years or maybe longer,” the German added.

“If the things I say would help more, I would say it much more often. But it doesn’t help.

"The only thing I do with these messages is I create headlines. They never arrive at the right places.

“Tomorrow (Thursday) we have a meeting at 4pm but it’s with the Premier League and not with the EFL [who organise the Carabao Cup].

"I said it before, I would prefer only one semi-final. But I can’t see any kind of changes actually.”

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