Bamford: Shame Super League up...


Bamford: Shame Super League uproar not mirrored in racism fight

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Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford wishes those complaining about the financial aspects of the Super League aren't as vocal in bigger issues.

The 27-year old was responding to questions regarding the breakaway league, after his side held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw in the Premier League.

Diego Llorente's late strike prevented Liverpool from returning to the top four, whatever that may come to mean at the season's end.

Before the game, Leeds players wore t-shirts with the phrases "Football is for the fans" and "Earn it" under the Champions League logo.

When pressed about the Leeds view of the Super League, Bamford said, "We've just seen, pretty much, what everyone else has seen on Twitter and stuff.

"It's amazing, the things that they're talking about, I can't quite comprehend.

"It's amazing the amount of uproar as well that comes into the game when somebody's pockets are being hurt; it's a shame it's not like that with all the things that go wrong at the minute... racism and stuff like that. But it's just how it is at the minute."

Liverpool's captain for the night James Milner broke ranks with the club's party line after Monday night's game, saying he hopes the Super League doesn't come to fruition.

Earlier in the evening, Arsenal legend Ian Wright claimed players would be distracted by talks of potential bans from Euro 2020.

"I don't think so", Bamford replied, when asked if players' heads were turned, "It's something that we talk about, but once you get on the pitch you're not thinking about what's going on outside the ground and things like that.

"We're like fans really, and everyone else... just can't believe it... talking about it, don't know what's going to happen and in shock."

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