Anonymous WWE employee claims...


Anonymous WWE employee claims they're working against their will

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A WWE employee has told the Orange County Board that they are being forced to work during the Florida 'stay at home' order. 

The wrestling giant has come in for equal parts derision and scorn for their decision to continue producing live and taped TV shows at their Florida Performance Centre.

WWE were allowed to continue operations as they were deemed an "essential business" by Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

The publicly-traded sports entertainment company is owned and operated by Vince McMahon, whose wife Linda (a former executive) now helps run the largest committee for Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign.

Last week, WWE laid off a number of on-screen performers and furloughed producers in an effort to save them  $4million a month during the pandemic.

Currently they only operate from their Orange County Performance Centre, but leaked photos this week reveal plans to possibly tape part of their Money In The Bank pay-per-view show on top of their offices in Stamford, Connecticut.

They are sure to come under further scrutiny after an anonymous employee broke ranks and revealed the details of their current working environment.

In submitting a public comment to be read at the Orange County Board of County Commissioners meeting, the employee 'John' outlined the following:

My employer, World Wrestling Entertainment aka WWE, is forcing me to work the TV tapings for its weekly shows despite 'stay at home' orders for coronavirus. 

I am unable to speak out as I need this job and I know I will be fired if I approach my higher-ups. 

Despite sanitary precautions, we cannot maintain social distancing and have to touch other people.

I request the government to shut down these tapings and enforce the 'stay at home' orders so my colleagues and I may follow social distancing rules without fear, or repercussion of losing our jobs. 

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