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Ireland head coach Andy Farrell had admitted he's concerned by Ireland's poor attacking return in the opening rounds of the Six Nations.

However, Farrell says he has full belief that their attacking plans are headed in the right direction.

Ireland's points total of 29 across two games is the second worst in the competition, and just a point more than what Italy have scored, while their two tries from the opening pair of games is the lowest of the six teams.

Ireland's struggles to break down the French defence last Sunday has been the main fallout from the 15-13 defeat, with Alan Quinlan, Brian O'Driscoll, Liam Toland and Keith Wood all critical of Ireland's gameplan.

And speaking this afternoon, head coach Andy Farrell admitted their points return from the opening games is a real concern.

"To say I'm concerned obviously would be stating the obvious regarding the points we've scored lately. But where we're going, certainly behind the scenes and what we've seen over some of the games over the last year I'm pretty confident in where we're going," Andy Farrell said.

Farrell added that he was yet to decide on selection for the round 3 trip to Rome on Saturday week, but Conor Murray and Johnny Sexton are set to be available, having missed the defeat to France due to injury.

"I'll do what's right for the team, and what's right for the team is making sure we get the best performance out of them. We'll pick the strongest side that we need to, to make that happen," he added.

Despite dominating possession against France, and carrying more than 120 times, Ireland made just three clean linebreaks against France.

Farrell says his players aren't limited to a set gameplan, encouraging them to use their instincts when the opportunity presents itself.

"We can't complicate that. I don't know a coach really that's ever said to them ,'don't take an opportunity, don't take what's in front of them'. It's showing them the pictures constantly of what they need to be able to do to execute, that is key for us.

"Gone are they days now where it's just up to the half backs to see those, it ain't just up to the centres or the outside guys to be able to do that, it's a team issue. We all need to be on the same page regarding that."

And Farrell says they key to taking their opportunities comes from the brain rather than the brawn.

"The biggest thing for me is our game-understanding, but at the same time our understanding of where the space is. Like I keep saying to you, I ain't trying to make this complicated at all because it's not complicated. It's unbelievably simple."

"The run, kick or pass element as far of game understanding or decision making is concerned is where you can put pace onto the ball. Sometimes it's in front of you, sometimes it's to the side of you. Sometimes there's no option whatsoever other than tp run with brute force and do your best.

"To do all that you've got to be set and ready to go as a team, nice and early in the piece. because you don't get time at international football to do anything different if you're not set nice and early.

"We're creating opportunities through our game understanding. Are we seeing all those opportunities that we're creating or executing on those opportunities that we're creating? No, not at this moment at time. That's obviously the work on and where we need to get to."

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