Women's Council Calls For Affo...


Women's Council Calls For Affordable Childcare Measures

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

08:35 9 Jun 2022

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The National Women's Council is calling on the government to address the issue of childcare in this years budget.

The organisation is looking for affordable childcare and says at the moment it's impossible for many women and impacts their ability to work.

The council is hosting an event this morning called Shifting The Narrative, around building a caring and equal society.

Director of the National Women's Council, Orla O' Connor, says there's a real crisis;

"We want childcare to be affordable and we need to really address the childcare crisis where we know so many families can't afford the childcare that we want"

She says many women are forced to make decisions about the types of jobs to go into and whether to work part time or not because of childcare - "and that shouldn't be the case."

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