Theresa May's Government Survi...


Theresa May's Government Survives Confidence Vote


07:46 16 Jan 2019

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The British Prime Minister Theresa May's survived a confidence vote in her government.

MPs in Westminster backed the British government by 325 to 306.

Despite their opposition to the deal, pro-Brexit Conservatives and members of the DUP were among those who backed Mrs May.

Her victory this evening follows a huge defeat for the Brexit plan last night.

After tonight's result, Mrs May offered to start one-to-one talks with other party leaders.

What Happens Next

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn forward the motion. He wants reassurances that a no deal Brexit is off the table.

Earlier, he accused Mrs May's administration of being a 'zombie government'.

He claimed: "This government cannot govern and cannot command the support of parliament on the most important issue facing our country.

"Every previous prime minister in this situation would have resigned and called an election."

Mrs May, meanwhile, claimed that a general election would be the "worst thing we could do" - saying it would deepen division.


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