Business Owners Say Teenagers...


Business Owners Say Teenagers 'Running Amuck' In Temple Bar


01:18 23 Aug 2022

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98FM's Emma Tyrrell reports. 

Gardaí have lost control of Dublin city centre and gangs of teenagers are causing mayhem, dealing drugs and stealing.

That's according to a business owner in Temple Bar, who says a consistent police presence is needed in the tourist hotspot.

Speaking to businesses in Temple Bar, they say open drug dealing is a serious long-running issue.

Alan Cooke who owns a jewellers says in the last year they’ve been dealing with groups of teenagers who are stealing, fighting and buying and selling drugs.

"These kids are running amuck. They're beating people up, they're robbing them and partying shall we say."

"Enough is enough," he said. "Something needs to be done."

He says they’re concerned for their safety after a tourist, who is in danger of losing his eye, was seriously assaulted outside his shop last Friday night.

A teenage boy was arrested and has since been released pending a referral to the youth diversion programme.

Martin Harte from the Temple Bar Company says it was a horrific attack - but he believes the city is safe.

"Any time when there are issues of serious anti-social behaviour - it's a serious concern," Harte said.

"I'm confident that (Gardaí) will take absolute positive steps to ensure even more visibility."

There are calls from business owners for more Gardaí to be on the beat in the area.

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