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Simulation Of Ireland Being Nuked By Russia - Unacceptable

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

10:27 3 May 2022

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The Russian Embassy in Dublin says nuclear war "must never be unleashed".

It's after State-backed television in Russia broadcast clips showing Ireland being nuked.

The report, aired on Russia-1, mocked-up footage of nuclear torpedoes wiping out Ireland and Britain. It also falsely claimed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has threatened a nuclear strike on the country.

Although Ireland is not directly mentioned Dmitry Kiselyov tells of a possible attack on the British Isles as footage plays of Ireland and Britain being wiped off the map by a nuclear weapon.

Russia's Irish Embassy told the Irish Examiner "the official position of Russia has always been that there can be no winners in a nuclear war".

Green party leader Eamon Ryan says the footage is shocking and unacceptable. The Environment Minister expects Irish diplomats will make Ireland's reaction to the clip known;

"One of the arguments is whether we should have or not or retain our embassy in Moscow, I've always said it was better to retain it so yes you can communicate."

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