Ryanair Claims Airport Passeng...


Ryanair Claims Airport Passenger Cap Is Turning Away Business, Tourism & Jobs

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

01:37 29 Feb 2024

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The CEO of Ryanair is calling for emergency legislation to lift the passenger cap at Dublin Airport.

Michael O’Leary says Ireland is losing tourism, business and jobs because of the limit.

He’s launched a blistering attack on the Transport Minister at a press conference in Dublin.

"Dunce" Cap

Michael O’Leary defended sitting alongside a photo-shopped picture of Eamon Ryan in a ‘dunce’ cap.

"I would think that fair comment and a statement of fact," he said.

"If he delivers and lifts the cap at Dublin airport, I will change those around and we will change the hats and go genius on it."

"We need an action out of Eamon Ryan, I mean I don't know what else you could describe, he's been transport minister for 4 years and we have a cap on our traffic in our main airport and we can't grow traffic for the next 4 years while it goes through planning."

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