Rise In Number Of Tourists Nee...


Rise In Number Of Tourists Needing Help Dealing With A Crime

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There's been an increase in the number of tourists needing help dealing with crime here.

The Irish Tourist Assistance Service helped 782 people so far this year compared to 721 in all of 2019.

CEO Lisa Kennedy says most of the cases are in the Dublin and relate to theft.

"In 2019 we assisted 721 tourists - to date this year we've assisted slightly more, which is 782 tourists," she said.

"So while there's an increase it's not a huge increase, but July and August have been particularly busy for us."

"It's generally the very much opportunistic thefts that we would see," she said.

Ms Kennedy said while the service is based in Dublin , it helps tourists nationwide.

"The service that we can provide - we're a free service - it's very much unique to Ireland.

"We're the only dedicated service in Europe offering this immediate support to tourists in the aftermath of crime," she added.

The service says on average, nine out of 10 tourists continue with their holiday after support from the service.

The figures come amid an increasing debate around street safety, following a number of attacks in recent weeks.

ITAS can be contacted by calling +353-1-666-93-54 or email

Reporting by: Eamonn Torsney

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