Population Of Dublin Up By 7.7...


Population Of Dublin Up By 7.7%

Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly

01:22 23 Jun 2022

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The population of the state is now the highest it has been since pre famine times.

There are now 5.12 million people here. The population here has grown by 8%.

There are almost 64,000 more women than there are men in Ireland.

The population of Dublin grew by 103,342.

It now stands at over 1,450,701 up 7.7% from over 1,347,359 six years ago.

While Longford saw the largest increase in population in the country, growing by 14%.

In Leinster, 10 of the 12 counties showed a higher percentage increase than the national average of 8%; there are now almost 225,000 more people living in the province than six years ago.

Although the increase in housing does not match the increase in population. The population grew by just over 361,000. While the housing stock grew by just over 120,000.

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