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Petition Launched To Allow Dogs In Dublin Pubs And Cafes


03:29 4 Feb 2016

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A petition has been launched calling for Dublin's pubs and cafes to be allowed to welcome pets onto their premises, without fear of punishment.

It's after a number of pubs, most notably MVP, said they had been told by inspectors to stop allowing four-legged friends in.

Following a recent visit from the HSE, the Clanbrassil Street bar posted a note on its Facebook page to inform punters that it had been told that canine companions were not permitted on the premises.

The HSE's direction has sparked renewed conversation between Dublin's pub and cafe owners, as well as customers who regularly take their dog out with them.

Under current laws, dogs are not permitted on a premises where food is served, but it's understood a number of bars that do not serve food have been told to not allow pets inside.

Rory O'Neill, the owner of Pantibar, said "Dogs in pubs are not a threat to health. And if a customer doesn't want to be in a pub with a dog, there are plenty of other pubs to chose from. Allow businesses to make up their own minds whether they want to be dog friendly or not."

The letter reads "This crackdown really does seem like a step too far, and while current national legislation does unfortunately seem to support it, the legislation is misguided, ill conceived, and the very basis upon which it has been made is shaky at best."

You can read the petition in full here.

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