People Urged To Keep Their Dis...


People Urged To Keep Their Distance, But Stay In Touch

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

12:13 21 Mar 2020

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The Health Minister's encouraging us to stay in in touch with friends and relatives this weekend - but keep our physical distance.

Another 126 people tested positive for coronavirus here yesterday, bringing the total to 683.

As of Wednesday, half of the cases are in Dublin - while Monaghan is the only county that is yet to have a diagnosis of COVID-19.

In a message on Instagram, Health Minister Simon Harris urged people to keep their distance.

"People are feeling great stress, great worry and perhaps loneliness.

"It's really important if we're to get through this difficult time as a country that we do everything we can to support each other, and quite frankly to be kind to each other.

"So this Saturday morning as you're perhaps considering what you're going to do with your day, can I suggest we all do a couple of things.

"Pick up the phone and ring a relative: ring your mom, your dad, your granny, your grandad.

"Just because you can't be physically close to each other doesn't mean we can't keep in touch".

He added: "I'm also hearing from people around the country that lots of people are now baking and cooking food and leaving it on neighbour's doors[step].

"I'm not very good at cooking, but maybe you are.

"So if you've a few minutes today perhaps do that... perhaps particularly do that for somebody who might be alone, mightn't be able to get to the shops".

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