Owner Denies His Owl's On the...


Owner Denies His Owl's On the Prowl

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

05:11 10 Apr 2019

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Rumours of a missing eagle owl attacking children are untrue.

That's according to its owner who says his pet is not some sort of deranged animal looking to attack people.

Tank - who is more affectionately known as Owlington - has been missing from her Kildare home since Friday.

Her owner Darren Jackson says there have been several sightings reported today, " Most sightings at the moment seem to be in and around the Sallins area, up along the canal there. One person said that it attacked a child". "Apparently it was a robin red breast had landed on the pram, so it's, it's gotten a bit out of hand to be very honest with you".

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