Over 900 Children Treated In H...


Over 900 Children Treated In Hospital For Drug Or Alcohol-Related Illnesses

Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly

11:35 25 Aug 2021

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Over 900 children were treated in hospital for drug or alcohol-related illnesses last year.

According to Freedom of Information figures, nearly two thirds were girls.

These new figures show the number of children who were treated in hospital for drug and alcohol-related illnesses in 2020.

The conditions include drug or alcohol poisoning, a mental health disorder due to substance misuse, and new-born children affected by their mothers' use of drugs or alcohol.

914 children were treated for these conditions last year.

The figures are spread throughout the country, but 28 per cent were treated in children's hospitals.

259 were treated in the four children's hospital in Dublin.

185 were inpatients in the South/Southwest Hospital Group.

Of those hospitalised last year, 686 children were aged between 10 and 17 - with over twice as many girl as boys.

228 were aged under nine years old.

Reporting by Eoghan Murphy

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