Over 34,000 Assaults On Nurses...


Over 34,000 Assaults On Nurses And Doctors Since 2015


06:38 28 Nov 2021

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Over 34,000 assaults on nurses and doctors since 2015 shows the need for a ramp up in hospital security, according to one TD.


33,341 assaults on nurses and 733 assaults on doctors have been recorded over the past seven years.


With such a disproportionate amount of attacks being aimed at nurses, Fine Gael's Neale Richmond is calling for an examination into hospital security.


He says everything must be done to ensure the safety of frontline workers.


"Over the seven-year period 2015-2021, 98% of recorded assaults were on nurses. Nurses are in almost constant contact with patients and the public, and particular consideration must be given to this by the HSE."


So far this year there has been over 3000 attacks on Nurses and 79 on doctors.



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