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New Sexual Consent Resource Will Help Tackle Misinformation On The Issue


06:21 18 Jul 2021

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The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre says a new sexual consent resource for college students and staff, will help tackle the misinformation that's out there on the issue.

The resource is being launched tomorrow and will go live at the start of the academic year in September.

It will involve a website with workshops and videos to improve people's understanding and awareness on sexual consent.

Chief Executive of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Noeline Blackwell, says it'll be a discrete place where people can have confidence in the information they're getting:

"It counteracts all the misinformation that's out there about relationships, about sex."

"So many young people are getting so much of their knowledge from pornography, from misinformation on the internet that this constitutes a useful, balancing set of information."

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