Ryan Tubridy Offers To Appear...


Ryan Tubridy Offers To Appear Before Committee

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Ryan Tubridy and his agent Noel Kelly have offered to appear before the Oireachtas Media Committee next week.

In a letter to the committee chair through solicitors Mr Tubridy and Mr Kelly say they have important information to assist the committee in its work.

Meanwhile RTÉ officials will appear before the Oireachtas Media Committee this afternoon in the wake of fresh revelations at the broadcaster about barter accounts.

A review unearthed a number of additional accounts at RTÉ which had been used to pay for around 1.6 million euro in hospitality over the last decade.

Last week RTÉ's Chief Financial Officer Richard Collins told TDs and Senators there was only one barter account in use at the broadcaster.

It's now been revealed a number of barter accounts were used by RTÉ to fund 1.6 million euro in client hospitality between 2012 and 2022.

Media Committee members are livid at the revelations wondering whether they were misled by the Chief Financial Officer or if he was unaware such accounts existed.

Fresh documents given to the committee also show all 100 of RTÉ's top earners make a wage of more than 116,000 euro - with just 31 of that hundred being presenters.

Documents also show RTÉ agreed to pay for a mock up Late Late Show set, food, drinks and set up for events hosted by Renault Ireland under the agreement to pay Ryan Tubridy off the books.

However, there is no RTÉ signature on that so-called tri-partite agreement.

Further documents may be delivered to the Media Committee this morning.

Privately members have been scathing about the drip feed of information, and feel these latest revelations could lead to resignations at RTÉ.

Meanwhile a bill aimed at capping salaries at RTE will be debated in the Seanad today.

If passed it would prevent any individual at the broadcaster being paid a higher salary than the Minister for Communications

Reporting by Sean Defoe 

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