Calls For An Increase To The M...


Calls For An Increase To The Minimum Wage

Fiona Cooney
Fiona Cooney

08:44 11 May 2022

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The Dáil will today debate plans to increase the minimum wage by around 25% by 2025.

Under The Labour Party's bill, the minimum wage would equal the 'living wage' (€12.90) within three years.

Labour is also calling for the minimum wage to be immediately increased by €1 per hour.

It currently stands at €10.50 cents an hour, but they argue it should be raised as soon as possible due to spiralling inflation.

Party leader Ivana Bacik says immediate action's also needed to ease the burden on the low-paid:

"We're conscious that with inflation at a 22 year high at about 7%, the spike in the cost of living is really hitting individuals and households hard".

She adds: "The concept of the living wage if you like will increase by the end of this year probably to about €13.80.




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