Man Jailed For 15 Years For Ab...


Man Jailed For 15 Years For Abduction and Rape


01:53 21 Oct 2013

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A Killiney man has been jailed for 15 years for abducting a woman and raping her for several hours at a city centre apartment.

Michael Murray of Killiney Oaks lured the woman and her child into a flat in February 2010.

The victim wasn’t in court today to see Michael Murray being jailed for what was described as a “terrifying ordeal of sexual depravity”.

The court heard how the convicted rapist tricked her into following him into a city apartment after pretending an elderly person was in need of help.

Once inside, he tied her up and repeatedly raped her. He even made her wear various costumes to play out his sexual fantasies.

Her four year old son was also with her and the court heard how he walked in at one stage to see if she was ok.

The woman was freed the following day after she alerted a passerby by throwing plates out of a window.

In her Victim Impact Report, she described how she once thought Ireland was a safe place and still leaves in fear of her rapist.

Michael Murray offered no reaction when he was sentenced to 15 years and his legal team says he plans to appeal the conviction.

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