No Proof Of 'Do Not Rescusitate' Consent At Ballyfermot Residential Care Centre

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A damning report into a Ballyfermot facility for people with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities suggests some residents weren't consulted about 'do not resuscitate' orders.

An unnacounced inspection by HIQA in January this year has detailed a litany of major non-compliances.

They include listing "going to bed" on a document under the heading 'My Community Inclusion' and attending a physio appointment as an "activity."

Inspectors weren't happy that action had been taken to address potential financial abuse since its last report, when some money belonging to residents was unaccounted for.

Crucially there was no paper trail to show that three residents were included in a major decision to not resuscitate them in the event they co into a cardiac arrest.

HIQA was told discussions had taken place but there were no documents to prove this or detail how the decision was reached. 

Cherry Orchard Hospital responded saying these discussions would be documented in future, and would be facilitated by a senior member of the unit or medical officer.

But Sarah Lennon from Inclusion Inclusion believes there should be a full investigation into the issue.

"A person can at any time refuse medical treatment and put in place a DNR which says if I have a heart attack I don't want my heart to be restarted. If someone doesn't have the capacity or ability to make that decision, it actually must go to the courts. An adult is not allowed to make a decision that serious for another adult. I don't think there's any other group of people in society that we would accept allowing this."

HIQA inspectors acknowledged some actions had been taken to address breaches but these were at too early a stage in January to have brought about positive change.

In a statement, the HSE says it's "been in on-going engagement with HIQA in regard to this facility and since January 2018, 92% of actions required have been completed with 8% outstanding. HIQA were satisfied with progress of same at the most recent meeting in June 2018 and have issued an completion date of end August 2018 for Cherry Orchard Hospital to reach 100% compliance in respect of these two units."

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