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Less Than 24 Hours Left To Claim Back Your Tax From 2018

Michael Staines
Michael Staines

11:01 29 Dec 2022

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People all over Ireland could lose out on hundreds of Euro if they don’t claim back their 2018 tax by this weekend.

The deadline is midnight on New Year's Eve.

Ireland has a four-year deadline for making tax claims, meaning claims lodged after the midnight deadline will not be accepted.

Every year, Irish taxpayers leave hundreds of millions of Euro in unclaimed tax-back with the Revenue.

Last year alone, some 450,000 taxpayers overpaid Revenue to the tune of €300m.

Claiming your tax back is far less complicated than it used to be and can be done quickly and easily through

Revenue headquarters in Dublin

There are a wide range of expenses workers claim tax relief on through the website.

One of the easiest is the flat-rate expense that offers a refund ranging from a few hundred Euro to €2,500 - with over 180 different occupations entitled to claim.

Another easy one is medical expenses, with workers entitled to claim back 20% on anything they pay for medical care and medicines.

There is also the home carer credit of €1,600 – which is available to couples when one parent stays at home to care for children.

A very important claim since the pandemic began is the remote working relief credit – which is available to everyone who works from home.

The credit allows you to claim back 30% of the cost of electricity, heat and broadband paid throughout the year – and remote workers can claim back as far as 2018.

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