Knife Laws Won't Solve Knife C...


Knife Laws Won't Solve Knife Crime Says Dublin TD


06:50 10 Oct 2021

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New knife laws are set to come into action aiming to prevent Dublin from reaching the same devastation that knife crime has caused in London and Glasgow.


The new laws would see so-called 'zombie knives' banned, as well as 10 year sentences for possession of a knife 'with intent'.


James Browne, Minister of State at the Department of Justice told the Independent that an age 16 requirement on buying knives should be introduced.


TD Gary Gannon says stricter knife laws will not solve the issue of knife crime completely:


"We have some of the strictest knife-laws in Europe, and that doesn't seem to be acting as a deterrent.


"If somebody uses a knife on another person I think we should give them the severest sentence we possibly can, but what I think is more important is we get to that young man before they start to have those thoughts."


The new laws will allow the government to swiftly ban specific knives that can suddenly emerge as a problem.


James Browne, Minister of State says "prosecution should be the last route" and stressed the importance of steering young people away from wielding knives.


Gary Gannon says the new laws may not have the desired effect:


"If we don't match it along with educational programmes, health based programmes including mental health supports for young men. Offer positive role models and a way out of scenarios where they believe the only way to identify themselves as young men is through violence."


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