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Jason Corbett's Killers Are Being Released From Prison In The US Today

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

02:22 6 Jun 2024

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Molly Martens has been released from prison in the United States.

She and her father, Tom, beat Limerick man Jason Corbett to death in North Carolina in 2015 - with his family saying they’re "deeply disappointed".

Molly Martens was released from prison in North Carolina just before 2 o'clock this afternoon Irish time.

It's after a plea agreement for her and her father Tom Martens, which saw them spend four years and three months in prison for Jason Corbett’s killing.

His family say they’re responsible for his ‘brutal and senseless killing’, which left his two children orphaned.

They added the pair’s ‘heinous actions’ not only took his life in a ‘cruel and vicious manner’ but the Martens then set about to ‘tarnish his reputation’ and ‘used his children in a self-serving attempt to evade accountability’.

Tom Martens will be released later this afternoon.

Laws mean they won’t be able to live with each other, and can’t socialise unless given approval by parole boards.

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