Irish Households Paying €250 M...


Irish Households Paying €250 More Than EU Neighbours

Fiona Cooney
Fiona Cooney

09:19 10 May 2022

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New Eurostat figures, compiled before the war in Ukraine, show electricity prices in Ireland were already 26% higher than the EU average, and taxes weren't to blame.

The analysis published in the Irish Independent, shows Ireland has the 4th most expensive electricity costs in the EU - with only Germany, Denmark, and Belgium more expensive.

We're paying around €250 more each year than the EU average. Because the figures were compiled prior to the war, they don't reflect the latest energy crisis which could see Irish households paying an extra €800 a year because of recent price hikes.

Although taxes and Government levies here are regularly criticised they are not the reason Irish consumers are paying more.

Darragh Cassidy from the price comparison website says that:

"Once those charges are excluded, net electricity prices here are 60% above the EU average - suggesting the prices charged by suppliers in Ireland are the most expensive charged in the European Union".

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