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Horse Carriages A "Free-For-All" Since Regulations Lapsed

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04:16 10 Jul 2019

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Horse carriage drivers in the capital say their business has become a "free-for-all" since city management said it couldn't issue licences any more.

The City Council brought in bye-laws regulating the industry in 2011 -- but five years later officials realised they couldn't enforce them because a conflict with the new Road Traffic Act.

David Mulreany has been driven a carriage in the city since he was a teenager.

He's calling for a licencing system to be reintroduced -- and says carriage drivers are being ignored.

"They've just told us they will not be renewing the licences, and it works out now that at the time they [did] this there were 16 licenced carriage owners in Dublin city. It's gone now to the stage where it's a free-for-all. There's over 35 carriages operating in Dublin city."

"People don't know who's driving them around, we don't know whether there's insurance, we don't know who these people are any more," he said.

Animal welfare charity My Lovely Horse has also expressed concerns about welfare standards in the sector, and wants routine veterinary inspections to be carried out.

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