Gull-proof Rubbish Bags To Be...


Gull-proof Rubbish Bags To Be Tested On City Streets

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

09:27 1 Dec 2022

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Seagull-proof bin sacks will be tested on the city's streets from next year as the council looks to ban unprotected single-use bags.

The heavy-duty, closable sacks are the latest option to be trialled in the capital to tackle the significant litter problem caused by vermin pulling apart the rubbish.

There are approximately 950 streets that are exempt from having to use bins because residents or businesses don't have anywhere to store them.

Bagbins, collapsible waste containers that protect refuse sacks, have already been tested out. While caddies or plastic boxes are another option.

The council will present a final report at the end of 2024 on the best options when regular plastic waste bags are expected to be banned.

Green Party councillor Michael Pidgeon says businesses will be the first to try out the gull-proof bags;

"Kind of like a heavy-duty Ikea bag is probably the best way of thinking of it and it takes six large plastic bags in it. But what it means is that vermin, seagulls and foxes, can't get in at the material there."

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