"Anti-Seagull" Reusable Bin Bags To Be Trialled In Dublin City

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

07:37 25 Aug 2022

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New super strong "anti-seagull" bin bags are to be trialled by residents and businesses in Dublin city, that don't have space for wheelie bins.

They will be able to put their rubbish into the reusable sacks, that birds' beaks and other animals won't be able to rip apart according to the Herald.

Collection companies will empty the bags into trucks, before returning the tough sacks to households and businesses.

It follows the recent Bagbin pilot in the capital. Collapsible containers were used over a six-month period to protect waste from ending up strewn across the street.


More than a thousand streets in Dublin are exempt from using wheelie bins because their properties are unsuitable to store them.

DCC says: "Dublin City Council is trialling a number of interventions to address the challenges that wildlife, including seagulls, are causing, especially in the areas of Dublin City that are designated as plastic bag bin collection areas.

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