Former Debenhams Workers Mark...


Former Debenhams Workers Mark One Year Of Shop Closures

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Former workers at Debenhams are marking a year since they were told they lost their jobs and started a fight for what they call a just-settlement.

They'll be outside six stores across the country, including Henry Street in Dublin.

Shop Steward for Debenhams on Henry Street, Jane Crowe, said the demonstration is momentous.

"We're marking the day we decided to stand up and fight back against the company."

Ms Crowe called for the state to do more for workers, particularly those affected by the pandemic.

"We want the government to realise were not just going to sit back and let this happen."

"Changes have to happen and they have happen sooner rather than later because there's going to be a lot more people like us affected by covid and their workplaces."


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