Ex-Debenhams Staff Call For Bi...


Ex-Debenhams Staff Call For Bill To Protect Workers To Be Passed Into Law

Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly

01:41 12 May 2022

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Ex-Debenhams workers have staged a protest outside the Dail this afternoon.

They’re demanding a bill, to improve workers’ rights in liquidation situations, be passed into law.

Ex-staff of Debenham’s Dublin and Cork branches held a demonstration outside Leinster house today, demanding the so-called ‘Debenhams Bill’ be fast-tracked.

The bill, which was frozen by a Government amendment until today, would put workers first when liquidators make payouts.

If passed, the bill won’t benefit ex-staff, who accepted a settlement offer after more than 400 days of demonstrating, but they say it’s for the next generation.

Solidarity TD Mick Barry says the bill is invaluable for future workers:


The protestors are hoping that the bill is prioritised by the Enterprise and Trade Committee in the near future.

Reporting by Michael Dooley

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