Eviction Ban Will Not Be Exten...


Eviction Ban Will Not Be Extended

Sean Defoe
Sean Defoe

10:18 6 Mar 2023

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The eviction ban will not be extended.

Coalition party leaders met this evening to discuss the issue ahead of a full Cabinet meeting tomorrow.

The three party leaders, and the Housing Minister Darragh O'Brien, met and decided not to extend the eviction ban.

It will come to an end as planned on March 31st, and then on a phased basis out to June.

This means some tenants will not be leaving their accommodation until the summer months.

However the ban overall will not be extended.

Instead Minister O'Brien will bring a memo tomorrow morning seeking a meaningful budgetary package for both tenants and landlords to be developed over the coming months.

He is also going to update Cabinet on plans to accelerate and increase the delivery of housing.

The move is something that is going to anger the opposition and indeed some in the Government, such as the Green Party.

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