Dublin Charity Says Poverty Le...


Dublin Charity Says Poverty Levels Are 'Spiralling'


04:21 20 Mar 2021

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Muslim Sisters of Eire were afraid they might run out of food at their weekly soup run

Dublin charity, The Muslim Sisters of Eire says it's helping to feed over 2,000 people a month, and that poverty levels are 'spiralling'.

They offer food to anyone who needs it on Dublin's O'Connell Street every Friday night.

Last night the queue for a meal extended so far down nearby Henry Street that organisers were afraid they might run out of food.

Chairperson Lorraine O'Connor says the number of people coming to them for help has more than doubled since the pandemic started.

Lorraine says the charity are now helping approximately 500 people per week, a vast increase on the 250 per week pre-pandemic.

Speaking of how it felt to see so many people turn out for, Lorraine said "It's very draining on you emotionally because you just want to help everybody".

Lorraine also said that many are approaching her team for all kinds of other basic needs such as lack of clothes, shoes, deodorant and other everyday items.

The charity have also warned that the volume of the crowds attending it's Friday soup runs makes it difficult to remain at a social distance.

They have also noticed all kinds of people coming forward for items, and has thanked the public for generously donating enough to buy a van.

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