Drug-Dealing In City Centre


Drug-Dealing In City Centre "Relentless" - Café Owner

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

09:11 5 Dec 2022

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A café owner in Dublin city centre says the scale of drug-dealing outside his shop is relentless and they're having to call Gardaí up to seven times a day.

Stephen Kennedy from Copper and Straw on Aston Quay, that's just metres from O'Connell Bridge, says he's speaking out in desperation.

He says groups and gangs of people openly buy and sell drugs right outside his window;

"There's times when we need to ring Pearse Street six and seven times a day."

He says Gardaí are stretched; "The guards are thin on the ground, they can't be everywhere at once. It can take a half an hour, it can take an hour for them to get to us, they may not get to us, the phone in Pearse Street may not get answered."

Stephen Kennedy also has an outlet in Bray and on Arran Quay but he says the situation there isn't as bad;

"We've had a door kicked in, we've had some damage to our property, we've had people smoking heroin in our toilets but it's very infrequent."

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